Caring for your jadeite jewelry

Jadeite jade is the toughest of gemstones with medium hardness. It is less resistant to scratching than corundum gemstones. Your jadeite jewelry should be treated with care by keep jadeite jewelry separate from other jewelry. Put it in a bag or box with a soft cloth inside.   We recommend to remove your jadeite before [...]

Tips to Buying Jadeite

Those who are interested in buying jadeite should know the most impact on jadeite prices are transparency, treatment and color. Moreover, to hue, tone and saturation, uniformity of color is crucial to jadeite quality. If jadeite has no inclusions represent as the higher quality and rare, which affects the price of jadeite directly. Jade is [...]

Jade Color Meaning

Green Jade is the most popular color. Meaningful in abundance of peaceful, prosperity and wealthy. Chinese believe that the green jade is the origin of the word. "Money Flows" White Jade meaning is to bring good luck to the owner. The symbol of purity both mind and soul. As well as the longevity. Purple (Lavender [...]

What is JADE ?

In Chinese ancient culture believed that "Jade" is the stone of heaven. Jade is worthy for emperor, who is called the son of heaven. Therefore, many things using in dynasty made from jade represent as power of the throne. For instance, royal family seal, masterpieces jewelry until kitchenware, etc. Treasured for thousands of years, jade [...]