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Questions and Answers

ARISARA is a quality jewelry. Our products made from real silver, which you can polish and plating gold again and again. Your  jewelry will always look new and worth keeping.

We give 2 pieces of cloth to all customers to facilitate the care of jewelry there are;

  1. Pink is a cotton cloth to clean jewelry for a normal polish.
  2. Green one is a chemical cloth for clean jewelry (**Use to clean old jewelry both silver and gold**) Then, it will be look like a new jewelry. It is suitable for people, who do not have time and want to clean jewelry as quickly and easily. The cloth is ready to use. Do not wash, it can be use for a long time as you feel it cannot clean jewelry glittering again then trash it.

Question :  How to take care of silver jewelry ?

Answer :  Silver jewelry is popular among Thais  and foreigners. Nowadays, silver jewelry have been improvements to be as the modern design. The stone or gems are adapted to decorate jewelry for its beauty. Silver is very popular  in jewelry designer using as the material to produce jewelry for the famous brands all around the world. Because of  it is not expensive. Even, it  may not elegant  as gold but, the distinctive feature of the silver is that it looks chic and great looking, giving the wearer a unique style.


For all lovers of silver jewelry. When you wear it  for the long time then the body is turn stained with black or become dull is caused by the silver reacts with the air called oxidation or  oxidized. Do not worry! Let’s ARISARA tell  you secrets to make your  jewelry always shiny as the following;

  • When washing, washing dishes or taking a bath should remove the jewelry every time. Because chemicals cause a thin film covering the surface of gems or CZ may reduce glitter of jewelry.
  • Be careful not to hit hard against May cause the product to be scratched or gemstones break.
  • To clean jewelry. Soak the jewelry in warm water for a while. Then, use a dishwashing liquid only to 3-4 drops, after that use a soft toothbrush to brush gently in the same direction. Wash with clean water. Your jewelry will come back bright and shiny.

Question :  How to keep silver jewelry ?

 Answer : When you finish cleaned up.  We recommend keep the jewelry in the box or a zip-lock plastic bag. In order to help the jewelry does not touch the air and no more silver problems  with color and stains. Cleaning and regular observation will make the jewelry keeps last longer beautiful.

Question :  When wear jewelry for a long time, the gold plated will peel or not ?

Answer : Yes. the color of gold plated will gradually fade. It depends on how to take care and different behaviors to use jewelry. ARISARA products are plated to 3 microns thicker than normal one as well the product is 3 times peel slower than normal. For the ring may be peel faster than other types of products.

Question :  Where to put a ring finger ?

Answer :  For my suggestion, put a ring from (INFINITY collection) & (MOKUME-GANE collection) on your forefinger is the best choice and it’s very beautiful. Because of  you can see the pattern throughout the band.

Technique to wear a ring


Wearing the left thumb ring indicate confidence in yourself. It is enhance the prestige and suitable for a person, who works on using the command  with a lot of people.

But, if anyone thinks that you are too confident and want to reduce your confidence.  It is time to keep balance. Put the ring on the right thumb can help.


Forefinger as well indicates rationality. It is suitable for a person, who need leadership and want to promote to high position. Wear a ring on the left forefinger it can  help.

Whereas, a person who wears the ring on right  forefinger shows that you are a good follower.

Middle finger

For the middle finger is a finger of judgment between cause and effect. A person, who wears the left middle finger ring usually has to work on the investigation and make decisions.

On the other hand, people  who wear the right middle finger ring. Directly related with emotions, such as those who work on art. Or if you have a gap between the middle finger put the ring on this finger can help to close a gap and  believe that money does not leak.

Ring finger

Wearing a ring on the left ring finger is a creative thinking person.  Whereas, a person who wears a ring on the right ring finger  is very strict with the rules.

Little finger

Wearing a ring on the left little finger it is great for a person, who works directly with communication, especially speaking.  For example, sale representative, negotiate, communicate. If you wear a ring on this finger, it will encourage people to trust in your words.

In contrast, if anyone feels that you are too talkative and worry that people around you get annoyed. Put a ring on the right little finger it can help.


After you know the meaning and technique of wearing ring in each finger. Let’s see the shape of the ring which suitable for you. What is your date of birth ?

SUNDAY   : Suitable for a flat band ring, such as gold, white gold or jade.

MONDAY   : Suitable for a ring, which has a thin body.

TUESDAY  : Suitable for a big ring. It is focus on the head of the ring suppose to see its clearly.

WEDNESDAY  : Suitable for wearing a fit ring or focus on the green.

THURSDAY  : Suitable for a big or thick body of ring or wearing a yellow gold.

FRIDAY  : Suitable for a wave ring or focus on color of intense blue or blue. Prohibition (a person who was born on Friday only) should not wear several rings in the same finger, because it will result in love nested.

SATURDAY  : Suitable for a big ring or focus on the violet.